27.09.2010 - 29.09.2010 | Brussels, Belgium

IncoNet CA/SC presents its activities at ICT 2010 in Brussels

This biennial event organised by the European Commission has become a meeting point for researchers, business people, investors, and policy makers in the field of digital innovation. IncoNet CA/SC joined forces with four other projects to present its activities.
Plenary session at ICT 2010 © Stephanie Franke/PT-DLRJoint Stand:
EECA: Caucasus and Central Asia: (Re) discover ICT cooperation potential
Zone D "International Village", 27-29 September 2009, all day

EECA research excellence is being sought after by foreign partners in sectors such as nanoelectronics technology, supercomputers, GRID technologies, networks, software, components and e-health. This information stand exploited the results of five EECA projects (ISTOK-SOYUZ, SCUBE-ICT, EXTEND, IncoNet CA/SC, and EU-RU.NET). It drew attention to EECA ICT competencies, disseminated information on the teams, gave an overview of the science and technology information platform incrEAST and the EU-EECA ICT competence platform, and presented the EECA ICT helpdesk. The exhibit also served as a meeting point for visitors interested in co-operation with EECA ICT actors and thus helped to strengthen EU-EECA ICT partnerships.

Networking Session:Joint EECA-ICT stand © Stephanie Franke/PT-DLR
"Thinking across borders - (Re) discover ICT cooperation potential with East Europe & Central Asia and Western Balkan countries"
1122, 28 September 2010, 9:00-10:30

This Networking Session in the frame of ICT 2010 (27-29 September, Brussels) was meant to enhance co-operation between researchers from the EU and Eastern European & Central Asian (EECA) as well as Western Balkan (WB) countries. The floor was given to researchers to present and promote their ideas, and bilateral meetings between researchers from EU and EECA/WB countries were held to discuss future joint research activities. The session also hosted the award ceremony of the Western Balkan countries' ICT idea competition. Six winners were rewarded for their excellent ICT research ideas and given the opportunity to present their proposals. The session was jointly organised by seven EU-funded actions: ISTOK-SOYUZ, SCUBE-ICT, EXTEND, WINS-ICT, ICT-WEB-PROMS, IncoNet CA/SC and IncoNet-EECA. This event was very well visited and many used the opportunity to meet potential cooperation partners.

More information: http://www.increast.eu/en/1024.php