12.02.2011 - 30.03.2011 | Central Asia and South Caucasus

Project visits to Central Asia and South Caucasus

Among other tasks, IncoNet CA/SC is dedicated to identifying strategic research areas of mutual interest with potential for future cooperation between the Member States/Associated Candidate States and Central Asia/South Caucasus. As respective recommendations should be based on the experiences of relevant stakeholders and their strategic visions concerning priority areas for cooperation, Work Package 1 of the project includes "missions to the target regions" to obtain first hand information.
Two delegation from Europe (including participants from CNRS/France, DLR/Germany,  ICBSS/ Greece and TUBITAK/Turkey) visited Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan as well as Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia in February/March 2011. Impression from Astana, © Dr.  Kirsten Kienzler/ DLRDuring their visits they aimed to:
  • Introduce the activities of the IncoNet to local stakeholders and foster networking with institutions of the region (i.e. important local research and technology transfer entities, institutions in charge of national/regional development);
  • Deepen their knowledge on the research policies in the region and approach to S&T cooperation with the EU;
  • Learn lessons from other foreign/international institutions on-site and coordinate/synergize activities.

The main objective was to prepare a better ground for the participation of Central Asia and South Caucasus in various relevant EU programmes. In conjunction with the results of the interviews a strategy paper will be prepared that will provide a basis for further political discussions between the countries in Central Asia and the EU.

In this context, interviews with policy stakeholders and relevant representatives of the researh communities of the target regions were carried out.

Among the discussed topics were:

  • Science and technology landscape and policy in both countries
  • State of the art of the S&T cooperation and the role of the partnership with EU

Two upcoming Policy Stakeholders' Conferences in Astana (26-27 May 2011) and in Warsaw (15-16 November 2011) will contribute to deepening the bi-regional policy dialogue and developing a joint S&T cooperation strategy.