About IncoNet CA/SC

IncoNet CA/SC (the predecessor project of the current IncoNet CA) addressed the countries of Central Asia, the South Caucasus and Moldova. The project aimed to strengthen their policy dialogue with the EU and its Member States/Associated Countries, and to promote science an technology cooperation between the EU and the target regions. The project also used synergies with the IncoNet EECA project, expanding its activities with a specific focus on CA/SC and Moldova.
IncoNet CA/SC was designed as an extension of the IncoNet EECA project (S&T International Cooperation Network for Eastern European and Central Asian Countries). Both projects were funded under the 7th European Framework Programme for research (project numbers:  IncoNet CA/SC 244417; IncoNet EECA 212226).

There were two major reasons for this extension:
  • Inconet EECA  was 'dominated' by the larger countries in the network (such as Russia and Ukraine), which already had substantial scientific potential and strong links with the EU;
  • at the time when IncoNet EECA was implemented, partners from the smaller Central Asian and South Caucasus countries were hard to be found.

Primary goal of IncoNet CA/SC was to deepen the cooperation of countries from the European Research Area with countries from the CA/SC region. A significantly improved mutual knowledge about the national S&T landsacpes of both regions will build the foundadtion for enhanced international S&T cooperation activities.
The consortium of the IncoNet CA/SC project aimed to:

  • identify the most important research organisations and scientific institutions in Central Asian, the South Caucasus and Moldova as potential partners for coopeartion with the European Union;
  • analyse and steer the development of scientific cooperation and the related political dialogue;
  • improve reserach and development conditions in the participating countries;
  • strengthen the structure and capacities of National Contact Points in the target regions and improve their networking;
  • enhance the potential of innovation policies and support the participation of the private sector in the EU Framework Programme.


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