19.06.2015 - 20.06.2015 | Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Experts’ visit to explore possibilities for cooperation in Horizon 2020

The experts' visit took place in Tashkent on 19-20 June 2015 in the frame of the  IncoNet CA project. On 19 June the experts visited the Physical-Technical Institute SPA 'Physics Sun' of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences. SPA 'Physics-Sun' is a leading organisation for conducting basic and applied research in the field of solar energy. The Test Bed (Geliopoligon) of the Physical-Technical Institute of SPA 'Physics-Sun' is the main base of the testing site, where scientific-research, and pilot development works are being performed.
The site also features experimental facilities (photovoltaic power plants, various types of solar thermal installations and the Stirling engine). 

The following experts were involved in the visit:

  1. Dr. George Bonas, Team Leader, IncoNet CA Scientific Coordinator, Managing Director in the Centre for Regional and International STI Studies and Support, Ceriss Greece 
  2. Mr.Gorazd Weiss, Task Leader, Senior Project Manager, Zentrum für Soziale Innovation GmbH, Research Policy & Development Department, ZSI, Austria
  3. Mr. Andreas Ziolek, Expert, Managing Director, EE ENERGY ENGINEERS GmbH, Germany
  4. Mr. Florian Moerger, Expeet, Project Manager, EE ENERGY ENGINEERS GmbH, Germany
  5. Mr. Mariuz Walkowiak, Expert, Head of the Department of Advanced Materials, Institute of Non-ferous metals Division in Poznan, Central Laboratory of Batteries and Cells, Poland.

Day 1

The experts met with the Director of the Physical-Technical Institute SPA 'Physics Sun' Prof. Sadulla Lutfullaev. He gave the visitors an overview of the activity, research developments, laboratories, facilities and international cooperation of the Institute. After the meeting with director the experts were invited to the conference room. The meeting was opened by Dr.Jasur Akhatov. He introduced all invited experts to the audience. Dr. George Bonas welcomed everyone and gave an introduction into the scope and activities of the IncoNet CA project. Mr. Gorazd Weiss made a presentation on Horizon 2020, relevant topics on Energy, calls and other important information.

Then the following researches and specialists made the presentations regarding their activities:

  1. Dr. Bakhtiyor Baizakov - Theory of Solid State and Semiconductors;
  2. Prof. R.A.Muminov - Silicon-Lithium Nuclear Radiation Detectors with a Large Surface of Sensitive area;
  3. Dr. R.Kabulov – the main research activities of the Laboratory 'Photo Electronics';
  4. Mr. O.Abdulkhayev - Recent results of research group on photosensitive structures;
  5. Dr. E.Tsoy - Nonlinear Dynamics of Optical Pulses and Beams; 
  6. Dr. N.Avezova - Laboratory of low-potential solar-thermal installations
  7. Dr. S.Suleimanov - Optical  coatings  for  solar  energy  application;
  8. Dr. J.Akhatov – Recent research activities at Solar Thermal Applications Laboratory;
  9. Prof. M.Tursunov – PV applications for different purposes;
  10. Dr. O.Tursunqulov – The main activities of ISEI.

After presentations a tour though the laboratories was organised. The experts were introduced to the existing equipments and the research works of the laboratories.

After lunch all experts met with Jasur Akhatov, Deputy Director of the SPA Physical-Technical Institute 'Physics-Sun', Dr. Sultan Suleymanov and Durdona Komilova from IUCP-T visited Big Solar Furnace in Parkent. A tour of the premises of the facility was organised. The guests were informed about the installation activity and developments. After the tour the Director of the Big Solar Furnace Ilkhom Atabaev made a presentation about Big Solar Furnace's history, developments and S&T cooperation.

Day 2

At the SPA Physical-Technical Institute 'Physics-Sun' a round table with the Director of the Institute and other key researchers and scientists was organised. Issues related to the current possibilities and developments of the Institute were discussed, as well as the international development with foreign countries and projects involved. Dr.George Bonas gave his advice on enhancing the S&T cooperation with EU countries within framework programmes such as Horizon 2020.

All experts actively answered to all questions of the researchers.  The director and other representatives of the Institute expressed their gratitude to the experts and their valuable information. 

Source: Durdona Komilova, IUCP-T